50+ years in dance, and I'm not done yet! Welcome to

Hello and welcome to my official website,! You may know me through the many years I have performed as a Contemporary Dancer with LCDT, or through the many years which followed in my teaching career at NSCD amoung other institutions.


After having such a long and exciting career in the world of dance, I thought it was about time I set up my own website, where you can find out about my work and look at the many photographs taken througout my career. I am now celebrating my 50th year in dance, and hope that this website can inspire future generations of dancers, or anyone with an interest in dance.


I hope you are pleased to find that I am still offering my services as a Dance Teacher. Find out more about my services on the Teaching page.


Here my story and help me to celebrate 50 years in dance, as I am proud to say I am still going strong, still in love with dance and am still teaching, menotoring and inspiring the young dancers I work with.


Dance teacher, choreographer, lecturer and seminar leader.


As a part of my 50th year celebration, I am offering a programme of master classes, workshops, rep, discussions related to my dance career and a short Solo Performance.

I am available for 1 day, 1 week, or 2 week residencies. Other arrangements may be possible, visit the CONTACT ME page to find my contact details.

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